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Our philosophy and basic policy

Hideki Koyasu, Chairman of the Medical Corporation Koyasu


My name is Hideki Koyasu, the chairman of the medical corporation Koyasu.
Since the hospital opened in Okurayama in the first year of Reiwa, we have been conducting daily operations with the aim of "contacting and becoming friendly" with the local people.
The brain is an important organ that gives commands to all parts of the human body, and its reduced function has various effects on the body.
At our clinic, we provide tests, report results, and consultation on future treatment policies so that you can eliminate such anxiety as soon as possible.
To that end, our clinic has the latest diagnostic imaging equipment and experienced staff. Please feel free to contact us for headaches and dizziness.

Clinic overview

This clinic was opened on the 3rd floor of Okurayama Medical in March 1st year of Reiwa. If necessary, we will carry out tests on the same day, and we will consult with you about the treatment policy from the test results, and we are working to provide medical care that can eliminate the anxiety as soon as possible.

For this reason, we have introduced cutting-edge medical equipment such as 16-row multi-slice CT and 3.0T (Tesla) MRI.


traffic guide


Medical corporation Dankoyasu Okurayama Neurosurgical Clinic



3-41-22 Okurayama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama

Okurayama Medical Building 3rd floor

Exit Okurayama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and walk 3 minutes on Elm Street on the right side with the Tokyu Store in front.

The first floor of this building is FamilyMart


Introducing a doctor

矢崎先生 写真.jpg
​Hiroto Yazaki
Specialized field Neurosurgery in general
Society / Specialist Japanese Society of Neurosurgery Specialist
DR Yazaki
DR Takei
Guo Ryogo
Specialized field Neurosurgery in general
Society / Specialist Neurosurgery Specialist / Instructor Cerebral Intravascular Treatment Specialist / Instructor Stroke Specialist / Instructor Stroke Surgery Specialist / Instructor Neuroendoscopy Society Technical Certified Doctor Hyperbaric Oxygen Management Certified Doctor Botox Injection Proper use certified doctor
Jimi Yasutaka
Specialized field Neurosurgery in general
Society / Specialist Japanese Society of Neurosurgery Specialist
Certified physician for proper use of t-PA
Aso Takei
Specialized field Neurosurgery in general
Society / Specialist Japanese Society of Neurosurgery Specialist
Japanese Society of Neurology Technically Certified Doctor
Certified Occupational Physician
Jimi Yasutaka
Specialized field Neurosurgery in general
Society / Specialist Japanese Society of Neurosurgery Specialist
Certified physician for proper use of t-PA

Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient rights

  • The right to respect one's personality as an individual and receive appropriate medical care equally

  • Right to be informed about the effectiveness and dangers of treatments and tests, or other treatments

  • Right to refer to the opinions of other doctors for the results of tests received at this hospital and explanations of treatment methods

  • Right to choose treatment method etc.

  • Right to choose medical institutions freely

  • Right to request disclosure of own medical records

  • Right to protect personal information and privacy


Patient responsibilities

  • Obligation to accurately convey information about one's health to healthcare providers

  • Right to strive to understand treatments, tests, etc.

  • Obligation not to interfere with the treatment of other patients or the work of staff

  • Obligation to understand and comply with our rules

  • Obligation to promptly pay for the medical treatment received

privacy policy

Our hospital strives every day to provide good medical care to patients toward reliable medical care. We believe that it is very important to properly protect and manage "patient's personal information". To that end, we have established the following privacy policy and will endeavor to implement it reliably.

  • Collection of personal information When our hospital collects personal information of patients, we will collect it within the scope related to medical treatment / nursing and medical services of patients. When personal information is used for other purposes, we will inform you of the purpose of use in advance and obtain your consent.

  • About the use and provision of personal information Our hospital will not use the personal information of patients beyond the scope of the original purpose of use, except in the following cases.

    • With the consent of the patient

    • When processing and using in a state where an individual cannot be identified or identified (* 1)

    • When required by law, etc. Our hospital will not provide the information to a third party (* 2) without the permission of the patient, except when required by law.

  • Appropriate management of personal information Our hospital keeps the patient's personal information accurate and up-to-date, and leaks, loses, destroys, falsifies, or illegally accesses the patient's personal information. I will try to prevent it.

  • Confirmation / correction of personal information When a patient is requested to disclose his / her personal information, the hospital confirms the content without delay and is requested to correct it because the content is not true. In that case, we will investigate and respond appropriately.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations and improvement of personal information protection system Our hospital will comply with Japanese laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and other norms, review each of the above items as appropriate, and continue the personal information protection system. We will make various improvements.

(* 1) is not to anonymize by simply erasing information such as an individual's name, but to make it impossible to identify the information subject by any method.

(* 2) means a third party other than the information subject and the recipient (business operator), an organization that does not correspond to the original purpose of use, or an organization for which the information subject has not obtained consent to use the personal information. Refers to an individual.


We are looking for someone to work with us.

Recruitment type

Nurses, nursing assistants, clinical laboratory technicians, radiologists, general affairs, reception affairs

Please contact the general affairs for details. ☎ 045-360-1114

​​ You can also check the details on the RECRUIT page, so please refer to it.

If you have any interest in our hospital, please feel free to contact us.

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